Personal Energy Audit

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I coached and trained hundreds of managers in behavior before.  It was all about vision, mission, values, delegation, active listening, giving feedback, negotiation skills, you know the drill.  And they are essential tools. 

Without human energy, nothing gets done. The link between human behavior and vitality is the subject of this article. 

Lack of motivation and engagement, underbeing (bore out), overdoing (burn out), stress, fatigue and chronic diseases are directly linked to our four sources of energy being misaligned. Our way of living is not recharging our batteries. It doesn’t take much effort, we just need to know how.

What are those four sources of energy? And how can we align them? Our behaviors and rituals will deplete or expand our four sources of energy.

Our spiritual energy is fueled by our purpose, vision, mission and values. Having a purpose is knowing who you want to be and the vision, mission and values help you to design the road you want to travel in life to leave a legacy behind.

Our mental energy reflects our authenticity and courage to live it. No more people pleasing or finally being able to let go, to lose our grip of control. High levels of mental energy guarantee creativity and a sharp focus. The right balance between work and rest as well as specific food can help to increase our focus.

Our emotional energy helps us respond adequately to adverse situations. Emotions are also called energy in motion. We can feel and release them. Just a few minutes of negative emotions can burn as much energy as a day of work. Your ability to understand and use your emotional energy helps you to respond better to stress and be more happy. To become aware of what triggers us, gives us the opportunity to regain control of our emotions.

Our physical energy powers your body and your brain. Our lifestyle and behavior directly affect the amount of energy and yet we often pay little attention to it. We need to recharge our physical batteries with premium food, rest and sports. Refusing to take breaks during the day, puts your body into the fight-and-flight mode. Your body sends your blood to your legs and arms to run and fight. Your brain suffers a lack of energy and as a consequence cannot think clearly anymore. Your mood will suffer as well.

You see, all these energies need to be aligned. Maybe you’re living someone else’s dream and fear to live your truth, your enthusiasm at one point disappears. One day you won’t feel energised anymore to get up and do what you’re paid for.

Personal Energy Audit

Please check the statements below that are true for you.


  • My job doesn’t give me energy or drains me.
  • I feel like living someone else’s dream.
  • I have never really thought about my legacy in this world.
  • I don’t spend enough time with people I love.


  • I show signs of disengagement with colleagues in meetings.
  • I have an addiction (food, drugs, cigarettes, gaming, shopping, sex).
  • I procrastinate or have trouble focusing on my work.
  • I find it hard to learn or finding solutions in this rapid changing world.


  • I am often irritated or anxious when the workload is elevated.
  • I don’t feel like doing this job but I have to.
  • I don’t feel recognized for my work or I have trouble showing appreciation for my colleagues.
  • I don’t feel joy and happiness like before.


  • I eat at my desk and multitask at the same time.
  • I work in the weekend and/or on holidays.
  • I work long hours and forget to take a break every 90 minutes.
  • I have no time for sports or too little.

How many questions have you checked? ___

0–3: Excellent result! 

4–6: Well done! Just a few tweaks needed.

7–10: Significant deficits. Time to intervene.

11–16: Dangerous deficits. Your health is at stake.

Want to know how to improve your Energy Management Skills? 

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