During this 60 minutes Masterclass you will learn mastertips needed to turn stress into energy. Do people in your company or yourself suffer stress related fatigue? Learn the science and discover how to recover from fatigue and implement lifestyle and behavioral changes to prevent further damage or to avoid falling into the same pitfall again.

Why this training?

During this training:

  •  You will learn about the science and the biology of stress
  •  You will fully understand the impact of stress on the body
  • You will be aware what stage of stress fatigue you are in
  • You will understand as how your actions and bodily symptoms are connected
  • You will learn simple lifestyle hacks to improve your health and remain stressfree 
  • You will learn stress management methods both on a personal and managerial level
  • You will learn 3 skills to turn stress into energy again

When: Thursday, Sep 26 at 11 am CET

Time: 60 minutes

Price : 99 euro

Target group: Business owners, HR-managers, Supervisors, People interested in stress related fatigue