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Chronic Fatigue Is A Symptom

You Can't Afford to Neglect

Chronic fatigue is a symptom you can’t afford to neglect.

Do you think it is just a matter of lack of sleep, too little exercise, too much stress or being lazy?

For decades, doctors advised people with chronic fatigue to work on their mindset and practise graded exercise to improve their condition. Bloodwork often reveals nothing special tricking doctors, scientists, patients into a false sense of security that they are healthy after all.  Fatigue however is multidimensional, multifactorial and highly subjective. 

Chronic fatigue is an important symptom of the body and the consequences are vast:

3 Problems You Will Face When You Try To Educate Yourself On Chronic Fatigue

Problem #1: Overwhelm and Confusion

If the doctor can’t find the cause of chronic fatigue,  is it possible to regain energy?

Problem #2: Fatigue is often not the only symptom

How do you know if fatigue is the cause or the consequence and what is the link with the other symptoms?

Problem #3: Blurry path to healing

How do you get your energy back? Where do you start? Is full recovery possible?

I’ve spoken to countless people suffering from chronic fatigue (syndrome), lyme, myalgic encephalitis, auto-immune diseases and health professionals who are facing these problems, who want to help themselves, their children, their relatives, their friends, their clients. 

Until today there was no place or framework where you could find the information to recover step by step from chronic fatigue and take control of your own health.

You will:

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This 5-Module Chronic Fatigue Rx Course for People with chronic Fatigue and Health Professionals gives you everything you need to turn chronic fatigue into vibrant energy to pick up life again instead of surviving.

In this course you will learn:

For health professionals we've included research as well as:

WE START OCT 1, 2019


What’s Included In “Essential Steps to Recover from Chronic Fatigue Rx Course”

Module 1 : 

Definitions of chronic fatigue

Discover the root causes of chronic fatigue and chronic illness

The importance of finding the root causes

The 4 steps in treatment to recovery

How to assess viral and bacterial infections


Module 2 : 

How to boost your immune competence

Support your adrenals the right way

Your mitochondria at work

Treatment plan for viruses, bacteria, candida and mold

Therapeutic use of dietary supplements

Module 3 : 

The importance of circadian rhythm in recovery

The link between light and disease

How to improve your sleep quality


Module 4 : 

The gut explained 

What are prebiotics and probiotics

How to prevent digestive issues

How to treat digestive issues


Module 5 : 

The real causes of brain fog

How to heal brain fatigue

Memory improvement tips

Brain foods to keep you sharp

Neurotransmitters for mental clarity and focus


The training packs a total of 5 hours of online training.


Your Instructor

Annemie De Smedt

I am passionate about helping people achieve their highest level of performance in all aspects of their life. As a former Executive Coach for Fortune 100 firms, I have helped hundreds of leaders navigate and succeed even in the most challenging of situations.

Performance Expert / Biohacker / Functional Nutritionist / Behavioural Coach and Trainer / Consultant / Nature Lover / Story Teller . . . YES, she's super multi-passionate. And because she was bedridden and in a wheelchair for nearly a decade, Annemie has tried everything she teaches. She is an acclaimed Performance Expert!


Most frequent questions and answers

We don’t offer a practitioner certification program which provides Continued Medical Education credits or other type of other educational credits. You will do get a certification if you completed the online course.

Whatever your medical background happens to be, this course is ideal for helping your patients who suffer chronic fatigue considering the fact that the numbers are increasing every year.

As a patient who wants to charge of your health and understand the healing potential of your body, this course will help you tremendously. We have applied every single information in this training ourselves. We know it works.

The Chronique Fatigue Rx course is a 100% self-study online course. You can study it at your own pace because we know life can get very busy. It is delivered over a period of 5 weeks on a private member site starting the day you purchase the course. 7 days later the next module is relaeased and so forth.

We provide lifetime* access, so you can take it at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.  We share the most  effective strategies with you. *All material will be fully accessible for a full year and downloadable. 

Yes, we do. You can join the course and pay in full 499 $ or choose 5 payments of 129$.

We offer a temporary 25% discount during the first launch. Instead of 129$ you will pay 99$ for 5 months. The full price will be 428$ instead of 499$.

Normal prices are 129$ per month if you choose 5 payments and 499$ if you prefer to pay in full.

The first payment gives you access to the course, the second payment 30 days after your purchase, the third payment 60 days later and so on.


All the minor updates will be for free.

A new course from scratch will require an upgrade fee because of the time and investments made.

Discover Your Energy Potential

This 5-Module Energy online course for Health Professionals and patients gives you everything you need to prepare yourself, your family, friends and patients for more energy for you to enjoy and live your life and age gracefully.


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