Is coaching another codependent experience?

boxer with coach

If you have considered signing up for a training or coaching while having the mindset “This Better Fix All My Problems”, you’re making the wrong investment.

With this state of mind you create a(nother) codependant experience in which you give away your power. You rob yourself of the joy and play that comes with experiencing the suffering that may liberate you.

No program or mentor is actually supposed to solve it all for you.

Therefore, enjoy YOUR journey, that YOU create.

The investment you make should be an exciting YES to play and personal growth.

Coaches and mentors are an anchor for your vision.
Not a solution, because you never needed saving anyway.

Next time you invest in a training or coaching, switch your energy behind your learning from ‘Your Job Is To Make Me Smarter, Better, Happier,  Healthier, …’ to ‘I’ve got me, and I’m ready to let you/this program amplify my brilliance’.

From codependent to independent. Makes sense?

Have a great day!

Annemie De Smedt

Executive Health Coach

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