I help you design the life you want.

Right for you

Get the inspiration, support & accountability you need. *** See results when you commit to step up a level in your business. *** Push through any excuses or limiting beliefs you might have. *** Achieve your goals faster than you have ever thought possible.

It's time

You need more support and accountability than group programs offer. *** You need direct contact to be inspired to think big, and take action. *** You need someone to share the hope and struggles of building a healthy lifestyle and who can guide you forwards productively.


Progress at last!  *** Overwhelm & Procrastination will be in the past. *** A personalized action plan & framework that is sustainable for you and your health. *** Control over your body and your health, energy, focus and memory!

Better sleep * More Energy * Focus * Increased memory * Anti-aging * Being in control
Profile Annemie De Smedt
Annemie de smedt
Executive and Certified Health Coach

Would you like to start or do you have any questions regarding coaching or my other services? Drop me a message below. I look forward hearing from you.
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