You are too tired to figure it out by yourself and you desire ...

- basic but fundamental education on how to create changes that last

- to thrive again and feel the joy and energy instead of being drained mentally, physically and emotionally

- to spend more quality time with your family and friends or have extra energy again to invest in yourself again


Reclaim Your Vitality Bootcamp

During the bootcamp, you’ll work through the next 6 steps to reclaim your vitality!


Take the test to check your fatigue.


Get immediate relief of stress.  


Discover the 4 types of energy and which one is most deficient.


Recognize the foods for maximum sleep and vitality.


Discover and eliminate your energy zappers.


Learn how and where we store our vitality and how to get more!

Why is this bootcamp crucial for your vitality?

You’ll be part of a community striving towards a  common goal: find back your vitality and joy for life. Fatigue is the symptom of a dysfunctional body and needs to be taken seriously. 


You'll Get Access to:

A 30-day plan to move from confusion and overwhelm to clarity on the new pathway that is truly lifechanging. 

Recorded trainings with essential information you can re-listen to as many times as you wish during 30 days.

Your very own vitality tracker and assignments after each training to guarantee results.

Life Q&A questions with yours truly – after recovering from a severe illness and being bedridden for nearly a decade, I have tried about everything I think!

Access to a new community of high performers who are willing to implement new habits in order to get different results.  

And then what?

After the bootcamp you have laid the foundation of your new vitality and trust that you can create the life you love. Because with knowledge comes power!

Some encouraging words from your Vitality Course Coach

Hello friend – You should know that the knowledge I teach you in the free training are science based and the same ones I teach my paying clients.

I had to figure it out alone in my bedroom through nearly a DECADE of trial and error but you don’t have to waste so much precious time and money. 

My mission is educate and empower you with natural solutions to recover from physical and/or brain exhaustion and to educate all health conscious people on vitality and wellbeing. 

See you soon,



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