I'm an executive coach and certified health coach dedicated to helping you to build your life force and discover the potential of your body.

I live currently in Belgium and enjoyed living in Italy and the Caribbean before.

I’m a thinker and love to connect the dots. I spend my days practising meditation, forest bathing with our adopted dog, cooking healthy meals and creating educational content. On my walks and in my garden I lose track of time observing insects and living beings.

I wasn’t always the perfect picture of health. I have been bedridden for nearly a decade.

See, I went to different specialists and they acknowledged I was seriously ill. But in spite all their knowledge, we were not making any progress.

No matter what we did, we couldn’t identify the cause of my illness that exhausted my body and brain as well. 

Everything was a mess because we were fumbling around in the dark. I would just threw money at the wall to see if anyone could help me.  

The bottom line was this:

I was stuck in a rut where I was totally exhausted, severely ill and bedridden, unable to take care of my children, unable to work and bring in the money, walking blindfolded because I had no idea how my body was functioning in the first place … and I had nobody who I could turn to for the critical advice that every person in distress needs to know about!


In those days I wondered:

How do I know the cause when even a doctor can’t seem to find it?

What are the steps I should follow to recover and thrive?

What should I do and not do and in which order?

What difference does food make?

How do I know what supplement is right for me?

Will I ever be the same person again? 


I ask because there is a lot of conflicting and no-sense information out there. It confused me and it can confuse you. You lose valuable time when you don’t focus on the right thing. 

And for a few years, I was desperate and without hope because I had no plan of action and I was too sick to figure it out all by myself.

But the good news is that I was trained to connect the dots. I was extremely determined to recover and I was able to distill information from specialists, books and online mentors. 

My knowledge of the science of health, wellbeing and high performance was at first inexistant. During all those years I build up a wealth of knowledge that allowed me to recover and thrive.

My mission is to pass on this knowledge and help you find your purpose and all the energy you need to thrive in life.

After nearly a decade of being bedridden, I was able to work again.

Knowing precisely how rough my journey was, how difficult it was to find the right information, I knew I could “pass the light” by helping someone else to get there in half the time — and with fewer scars and horror stories.  

I decided to pass on the wisdom and insights that I learned along the way. This website will lead you to along the way and help you reflect differently.

It’s my honor to help you thrive again.

Who are your clients?

I’ve trained amazing high achievers and wonderful strong women for over decade. From the exhausted and chronically ill sisters and mothers who inspired me with their relentless resilience when confronted with the harshest living conditions, to the succesful and focused CEO’s, founding partners, professionals, consultants, high potentials and entrepreneurs I’ve worked with as a behavioral training consultant and I’ve learned …

… that there is clear pattern in lifestyle and behavior that can wreak havoc and deteriorate your health in the short and long run, cause fatigue and exhaustion as well as modern illnesses like diabetes and many others.
My clients feel the impact of working crazy hours or managing stressful situations and having no energy left to enjoy what really matters in life: vital energy to resource and grow as an individual, to enjoy their children, to take good care of each other, of their parents and spend leisure time with their friends, to be able to enjoy optimal intimacy with their loved one, to do sports, ...

My clients long to find the wisdom, resources and experience to improve their baseline health, their productivity, their appearance, their lifespan, their offspring, to sleep well, to beat fatigue and to be(come) vitalized and inspired leaders for their family and/or their team. They want to feel blessed (again) in life so they can change the world with their ideas, talents and gifts.

They decided: "Enough is enough. I need help to change in order to move forward. Real change."

It takes a lot of self-love to do so.

How come athletes invest in their health but high performers rarely do? Is lifestyle medicine the new future to beat chronic disease, insomnia, pain and fatigue?

We are living longer and we can live healthier lives. We should therefore redefine longevity. People of 45-plus and older are no longer a burden and can deliver a substantial contribution to society whether it is through employment,knowledge, innovation, mentorship, spending, unpaid activities like caregiving,volunteering or charities, …

We are all aging but are you doing what is essential to age well? After all, when living long we want to have acquired knowledge and developed rituals that keep us free of disease, fill our heart with joy, keep our mind sharp, a twinkle in the eyes and have our purpose accomplished.

► Here are a few core health strategies that you can use now:

1️⃣Nature is our medicine. If you want to recharge your engine, go outside and stay away from your laptop and cellphone. Blue lights are disrupting your hormones (p.e. serotonin and melatonin) and circadian rhythms.  Sunshine is like an electrical current and the ground is your electrical outlet. We need sunshine first thing in the morning to get the engine running! How often do youtake a break outside?

2️⃣70% of our energy comes from emotions. Just a burst of anger can deplete most of your energy the rest of the day. Are you able to manage your emotions and do youknow what triggers them? Meditation is a great tool to manage stress but so iswalking in nature or taking a cold shower. You just have to find your sweetspot.

3️⃣We all have a story but living a life that is not really yours, can be extremely demanding for your brain. Pretending to be someone else is exhausting. To really follow your dreams, it takes courage and creativity. We can only live our story when we write it down first and compare it to what we are living today.  

4️⃣We are part of something bigger and as time progresses, there comes a moment to reflect upon our life. What do youwant to be remembered for? Is it your values, your lessons learned, yourcharities, …? It is never too soon to think about your legacy. It will help you take the right steps today. 

➡️Learn about the 4 types of energy, rituals, lifestyle habits and biochemistry that can change the outcome of your life.

If you are in need of leveraging your vitality, focus, stamina, enthusiasm, drive, ... for yourself or your team, I invite you to have a conversation.