Peak Performance Coaching

What is your biggest project? Better sleep, more energy, sharp focus, increased memory, less anxiety, anti-aging, … I can help. 

Our biggest project in our life is ourselves.

Learn - Grow - Thrive

The six things that happen when you meet me

Better Sleep

Is your quality of sleep adequate? Do you wake up feeling 100% refreshed? Good sleep impacts your brain function, performances and longevity.

More Energy

Fatigue is a symptom and has many causes. More vitality will benefit your brain, health and overal wellbeing. What would you do with more energy?

Sharp Focus

Banish brain fog and get your brain working on point. Learn how to give your brain an extra boost and push your brains in a higher gear.

Increased Memory

Neuroplasticity and new brain cells are formed at any age. Let's discover all the options to increase your memory and you'll be amazed what your brain can do.


Inflamm-aging increases morbidity and mortality, significantly harming our health and causes a decline in the quality of life. We can change our epigenetics and slow down biological aging.

Being in control

When you take control of your own biology, you are in the driver's seat. The world is your open road.

Hi, I'm Annemie

I accompany and guide peak performers along their personal growth journey and help them to reach their goals.

 If you find it hard to stay focused and motivated, or to have energy throughout the day, don’t blame yourself. Lack of nutrients, food intolerances, inflammation and stress have an impact on the performance of your body and brain. It is important to discover what drains your essential ressources in order to perform optimally again.

Many people, including me, have experienced similar hurdles and thoughts and it can be a great catapultor for personal growth.

Through my TeleConsults, One-to-One coaching sessions, webinars and online trainings I help you close the gap between your current and desired situation.  

Annemie x

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